Change and Organisational Development

“A planned process of change in an organisation’s culture through the utilisation of behavioural science technology, research and theory.” Warner Burke


Leading and effecting lasting change in your organisation can feel like an uphill struggle, especially when you need the people in your business to lead, manage and live the change. As occupational psychologists and organisational development consultants, we have the expertise and experience to guide and support you through an effective change process. We can bring confidence where there is reticence, we can find clarity where there is confusion and we can start an enthusiam for change that gains increasing momentum.

"Jo and her team brought clear-thinking, strategic insight to our culture and spirit programme coupled with warmth and a real feel for the people side of change. We are now creating the culture we need to future proof our agency." CEO, Ogilvy One

How we can help

  • Overarching behaviour change programme

    We bring the insight and strategic overview to map a programme of organisation change, informed by our own Seasons of Change Model

    Seasons of Change

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  • Coaching change leadership
    Leaders will be prepared to lead the change with vision and engagement

  • Diagnosing barriers and enablers
    We have the experience to identify the barriers and enablers of change in your business

  • Facilitating change workstreams
    Behaviour change requires a number of parallel well-facilitated interventions for it to stick

  • Enabling employee-led initiatives
    We give your employees a voice – Let’s face it they will have most of the best ideas for change

  • Monitoring and evaluation
    We oversee the delivery of change objectives and have published research on the effective evaluation of change and OD

Trusted advisors

We are trusted by our clients to support a range of business and culture changes. Working to a demanding business agenda we manage a range of internal and external stakeholders to achieve change within clear timeframes.

Contact for support delivering business change.