Executive Coaching

“Coaching has given me a completely different perspective on my leadership style and I am getting very different business results as a consequence” Director, Utilities Business

Executive coaching

One-to-one coaching is an essential development intervention for senior executives. One-to-one coaching with a Hennessy Consulting coach starts with an intensive diagnostic session which brings an individual’s business and psychological profile into clear relief. This confidential process allows the coach to get to the central issues quickly and draw up a tailored coaching programme.

Our coaches

All coaches are bright, empathic and business savvy. They ‘get’ senior managers, have immediate credibility and develop trust from the off. With a strong focus on development outcomes, we work in partnership with your business to get exactly the right coach for the individual concerned. All our coaches hold a post graduate qualification or a coaching accreditation to give them a professional foundation for their coaching.

Working with Jo as my executive coach has provided me the support to meet the demands of leading in the NHS and has helped to prepare me to take on new and exciting leadership roles” CEO, NHS Trust

Benefits to your business

You will find far reaching benefits for your business:

  • Transformational change in your senior leaders
  • Confident decision making
  • Stronger relationships between senior stakeholders
  • Increased resilience
  • Stronger team leadership
  • Senior role models showing that learning is part of your culture

When to get a Hennessy Consulting coach

Executive coaching will deliver real value when:

  • A CEO requires an independent sounding board
  • Part of top team development
  • A senior leader is new in role
  • A strong leader is preparing for the next career step
  • A leader’s behaviours are not in line with your business values
  • Specific performance coaching is required
  • Part of a wider culture change or employee engagement programme

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