Leadership Development - Engineering

Emerging Leaders Programme at a Major Engineering Company

Case Study

A Leading Engineering Business has partnered with Hennessy Consulting in the delivery of their leadership development programme for emerging leaders. The client, recognising the importance of building key leadership competencies for achieving their strategy to become the UK’s leading smart infrastructure solutions company, asked us to design and facilitate the Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP).

In partnership with senior stakeholders and leading industry experts, Hennessy Consulting has built the ELP as a 10-month programme of five workshops plus coaching between modules. This is a client-branded programme, fully tailored to the needs of this ambitious engineering firm. We have combined a number of different learning methodologies to support the development of four main themes:

  • Strategy and customers
  • Innovation and learning agility
  • Individual growth and development
  • Influence and engagement

Programme Design

We provide a partnership that fits the client’s values:

  • Thought partnership, bringing new insights, theories and methodologies.
  • Co-creation, working side-by-side, having fun, innovating together, taking risks, and nailing it.
  • Co-delivery, having credibility with partners as intellectual equals, bringing something different.
  • Deep connection with participants, noticing individuals, supporting each unique learning journey.
  • Learning together, continuous improvement, striving for brilliance, making it sustainable.

The impact of the Emerging Leaders programme is evaluated by the successful delivery of business-related projects run through and as part of the leadership programme, and by the number of successful promotions or positive sideways moves made by participants.

We have delivered the programme successfully for three cohorts (38 participants) and we are looking forward to welcoming the next 20 participants in the first cohort of 2020.