Graduate Future Leaders

Graduate Programme for High Street Bank

Case Study

You have done a fantastic job of building the Future Leaders final round assessment centre. They understood both the brief and programme extremely well which has meant the final product exceeded our expectations. Thank you, we are looking forward to continuing to work with you”

Future Leader Development Programme Attraction & Selection Manager 

A leading bank & financial institution prides itself on recruiting high calibre graduates onto its Future Leaders Programme.

As their partner of choice, we designed and equipped them to run a totally bespoke assessment process, based on the behaviours needed for success as a future leader.  In the first year, this resulted in greater number of offers due to the better quality of candidates and a higher ”yes” rate to offers.

The following year we designed the assessment centre process in the shape of a simulation day - an interactive immersion experience with a suite of bespoke exercises.  A strong success rate continued and the bank received positive feedback on the realism of the process in giving a positive impression of life in the firm.

We also designed a “campus challenge” activity for the firm to use as part of the graduate attraction process when making campus visits.

The Future Leader Development Programme for the successful graduates runs for 2 years. We were invited to support the development of this key emerging talent group – approx 100 graduates per intake.

Emotional intelligence was a key module at the start of the programme to enable future leaders to get the most from their rotations in different departments and global locations. We ensured this learning linked into a variety of workshops / conferences over the 2 years.

Leadership Discovery coincided with future leaders rolling off the programme and finding their first real job within the bank. This final module enhanced self-awareness through the use of 360˚ feedback, explored both strengths and potential leadership derailers (the dark side of personality) and offered career coaching to support the transition into key positions of responsibility.

I have learnt more about me as a person than I ever expected to and I feel that this has been fundamental in my development as a leader in [the bank]. Becoming more emotionally intelligent has helped me to hit the ground running in each new rotation and I have received positive feedback on my people skills.”Future Leader