Employee Engagement

Engaging staff to deliver high quality care

Case Study

Kitnocks Specialist Care (a care home in the Cornerstone HC Group) faced the challenge of how to engage the entire team to deliver high quality care. We designed a multi-faceted engagement programme for staff at all levels.

The principles of employee engagement are:

  • Clear shared vision
  • Visible authentic leadership
  • Employee voice
  • Great day-to-day management
  • Transparency of action

Our first stepwas to work with the cross-disciplinary leadership team at an away-day to develop their team effectiveness and define the journey that the home was on, culminating in the creation of an inspirational vision and a set of behavioural shifts to create the desired culture.

We designed and facilitatedengagement workshops for all the staff.  The purpose of these workshops was to share the vision and give each staff member the opportunity to confidentially express their views, ideas and feel heard.  We debriefed the leadership team to build an action plan based on the findings and recommendations. 

Core behavioursfor all staff were then defined to show how they should behave day-to-day to create a culture of high quality care.

Building on this, we supported the leadership team to develop their skills and confidence in managing people, engaging them with the vision and how to live this day-by-day.

The impact was highly evident to all involved. This was formally evaluated through follow up workshops. The leadership team reported:

  • Enhanced teamworking
  • Greater sense of responsibility across staff
  • Increased expectation on them to manage underperformance
  • More person-centred care

Staff reported:

  • Improved morale
  • A greater sense of empowerment
  • Increased levels of trust and support within and across teams
  • Strong consistent leadership they could trust
  • More resident focused care

When inspected by the Care Quality Commission the inspector commented unprompted that they could see the vision and values being lived in how caring staff were.

A finalist Case Study in the Association for Business Psychology's Workforce Experience Awards 2015