Sharon Brockway


About Sharon

Sharon is an Occupational Psychologist with a depth of experience of working in the leadership and management development field, executive coaching and action learning facilitation. She works in both the assessment and development of middle and senior level leaders and also with younger managers through talent management programmes that she both designs and delivers. Her focus is developing personal effectiveness in leaders by raising their self-awareness and helping them to have a deeper understanding and knowledge of their impact.

Key areas of expertise

Leadership Development: Leadership, management & change programmes, talent management
Coaching: Directors and senior managers, technical experts, high potentials
Team facilitation: Senior and intact team facilitation, Action Learning Set facilitation
Consultancy Skills: Relationship management and presentational skills for technical or specialist consultants or project managers

As a coach and facilitator Sharon is known for quickly establishing rapport with a group or individual, and for working in an informal yet insightful manner to achieve the best outcomes for her coachees or teams. She has a warm yet challenging style, creating a trusting environment in which robust feedback can be given. With 15 years experience in developing people, she has coached or facilitated people from a wide range of occupational backgrounds, in both public and private sectors..

Internationally she had helped to set up an operation in South East Asia and continues to be closely involved in delivering leadership programmes for the Singapore Civil Service. This had given her a depth of understanding about cultural differences and working with leaders with very different assumptions and outlooks to those in the West.