Danny Sweeney


About Danny

Danny is a consultant, facilitator and coach. He has been in the field of professional people and organisational development for more than 18 years. His areas of expertise and passion are Leadership Development, Management Practice, Executive Coaching and individuals developing Personal Effectiveness within organisations. He has had success working with emerging talent through to senior management and boards.

Key areas of expertise:

Leadership Development: Leadership, personal effectiveness for managers and supporting change programmes
Coaching: Senior partners, managing directors and managers
Team facilitation: Discrete team development, real time facilitation for project groups, creative visioning and hosting companywide conferences
International and cross cultural experience: Works with international audiences and clients in Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Gulf states.

As a facilitator: Danny has an enthusiastic facilitation style, which comes from his first-hand experience of personal development being a big influence on his own career as well as generating success for his clients. He adopts a ‘high challenge-high support’ approach with individuals and generates an engaging, reflective and achievement orientated learning environment. Rather than merely bombarding people with facts; learning is experiential, thought provoking and fun, providing people with the ‘hands on’ opportunity to discover things themselves and with their peers.

As a coach: Danny draws upon his range of qualifications and business experiences to build productive and professional coaching relationships. His coaching is successful as it deals with peoples beliefs and values not just their knowledge; if sustainable development is required people need to consider their mindsets as well as their behaviours.