Clare Amos

Executive Coach

Key areas of expertise

  • Executive Coaching and Feedback:  Directors and senior managers
  • Leadership Development: Leadership, skills development & change programmes
  • Assessment:  Deep dive assessments utilising a wide variety of psychometric instruments, in-depth interviewing techniques, assessment exercises and 360-degree instruments.
  • Talent Management:  Incorporating performance management and succession planning.

About Clare

Clare is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, with over twenty years consultancy experience.  Her specialist expertise lies in the practical application of business psychology to enhance individual, team and organisational performance, and she works closely with clients to develop the right solutions to meet their challenges.

As a Coach, Clare underpins her approach with robust and contemporary psychological thinking, and complements this with a pragmatic, empathic yet challenging style that is focused on achieving inspiring results for her clients.   She has a firm belief that thinking determines behaviour, so this is where she tends to go first.  With small ‘mind shifts’ and the deconstruction of limiting beliefs, her clients frequently set higher expectations, overcome perceived obstacles and obtain greater levels of achievement – whilst having more fun in the process.

When developing leaders, Clare brings her research and experience in accelerated learning to development programmes, ensuring engaging, experiential and collaborative interventions that make the learning stick.  She is recognised for her high energy, collaborative style and whilst she relies heavily on evidence-based psychology as a foundation, she brings a keen sense of fun to her audience.