About Us

Hennessy Consulting is a leadership development, executive coaching and organisational change consultancy.

Our Philosphy

We bring talent alive in any business, giving firms the competitive edge through their people. We develop leaders with confidence, strategic insight, emotional intelligence and, most importantly, with an engaged and committed team around them.

We believe...

that the quality of attention, the clarity of intention and the depth of connection underpins performance.

Leadership Effectiveness

We believe...

we hold the key, the insight, the power to loosen stuck systems to achieve new and better things. This informs how we work in all our leadership and team interventions and is the basis for our leadership development curriculum.

We believe in…..

•  collective leadership
•  the power of human potential
•  leaderful organisations
•  small steps leading to huge leaps
•  shifting human systems
•  opening people to new possibilities, to more choices
•  deliberate leadership
•  the power of human agency in complex systems
•  curiosity, human growth and in surprises
•  meaningful work
•  well-led work

We are open to the human condition and all this brings. We believe that as people make small shifts, so organisational systems move, grow, expand, morph, combine. We believe that leaders learning together, come together and then great things happen.

That’s why we work with in-organisational learning with real teams, real colleague relationships and real results. We believe people want to make a difference, want to do a good job, want to work well together, want to connect, want to enjoy their work, want to get results, want to love and feel loved, ultimately to feel of value.