About Us

Hennessy Consulting is a leadership development, executive coaching and organisational change consultancy.

Our Approach

We build trust with business leaders. We are trusted to work with them and their people to create a climate for success, collaboration and effectiveness. We do this through psychological techniques, highly skilled facilitation and clear insight into organisations.

Leadership Development  

When choosing Hennessy Consulting as a learning and development partner, you will find that we approach development as an OD intervention in support wider organisational and health and social care objectives across the Hampshire and Isle of Wight system. Whilst being experts in the field of learning and development, OD and occupational psychology, we will work with you to monitor and understand how any learning programme is delivering on its stated objectives and other ways it may be changing and nudging your system to change.

Organisational Change

Our approach to OD is best summed up the following definitions from “A Field Guide for Organisation Development” edited by Ed Griffin, Mike Alsop, Martin Saville and Grahame Smith:

•  As a purpose, OD is the intention to build sustainable successful organisations where people are truly valued
•  As a philosophy, OD is about a belief in the importance of growing organisational health, humanistic values, a reliance on behavioural sciences, basing your work on data and diagnosis
•  As a mindset and behaviours, OD is about looking at the bigger picture – systems thinking, a belief in people, being opportunistic and systematic, being courageous, staying open minded, being collaborative, having improvement focus
•  As a field of practice, OD is about the use of a diverse range of tools, practices and approaches to enable sustained and sustainable organisational performance through the involvement and collaboration of the people in and around the organisation. This may include large group interventions, learning and development activities and a focus on culture change.

OD is an evolving field and we continue to learn, bring together different disciplines and make new advances with each intervention.

Executive Coaching

At Hennessy Consulting we believe that coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership between the coachee and coach that inspires and enables the coachee to maximise their professional and person potential. We provide professional coaches with a wealth of experience in leadership development, assessment and occupational psychology, as well as experience working in and running businesses. As such, our coaches are ideally placed to work with the highest level in organisations, able to work with a wide range of leadership and learning models, and create close and productive partnerships with our clients.